Noël Coward Theatre

Slave Play

Booking Until 21st September 2024


Every Wednesday at 10am we will release 30 tickets for each performance the following week.

The Slave Play Pay What You Can Lottery is open now.

These tickets are extremely limited in availability and the button will only be available for a short time each day.

Got questions? Email us or DM us on Twitter.

Next Release for Slave Play Pay What You Can Lottery:

Wednesday 24th July 2024 at 9:00am


These seats are extremely limited in availability and the button will only be available for a short time each day.

For your chance to enter the Pay What You Can Lottery sign up using the form below and we'll email you each week before the lottery opens to remind you to enter.

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Pay What You Can Lottery FAQs

How does the Pay What You Can Lottery work?

At 9am each Wednesday, a button will appear on this page which will take you through to a virtual waiting room for the chance to purchase tickets for the following week’s performances for as little as £1. Make sure to click the link before 10am. From 10am, booking will open and you will be randomly assigned a place in the virtual queue. If successful, you will be directed through to the ticketing page to purchase tickets for your preferred date. Once all tickets are sold, the queue will end until the next lottery. Tickets are extremely limited and we expect to sell out very quickly.

How many tickets will there be for each performance?

There will be 30 tickets available for every performance.

How many tickets can I purchase?

To ensure the lottery remains as fair as possible, those who are successful will only be able to purchase a maximum of 2 tickets. If you have booked more than the specified tickets or the lead booker is not in attendance, tickets may be cancelled and those at the theatre will have to rebuy at face value.

How much do the tickets cost?

You can choose to pay from £1 to £30 per ticket.

How do I select the price of my tickets?

When you select a ticket, a dropdown will appear for you to select the price. You must select the price of each ticket individually before moving through to the basket stage.

Why can’t I see any tickets on my preferred date?

If you can’t see any tickets on your chosen date then they may all be sold or in the process of being bought. Please check the other dates though as we have a full week of performances available.

Are there access tickets available?

If you have specific access requirements, please go to your chosen performance, and buy your tickets to secure the price you want to pay. Please then contact us at or call us on 0344 482 5137 quoting your booking reference number. We can then arrange seats based on your needs. If we cannot secure the best tickets for your requirements we may need to suggest an alternative performance.